"If you do not stand up for what is right, then you are complicit in what is wrong."

giselle portenier

speaks about human rights, human rights of women and children, gender issues, storytelling, the media, the power of each person to create positive change, cultural relativism, moral courage, and more.

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"You were stunning!...Everyone I spoke to was so inspired by your important work, your passion, and the impact you've had on so many people...You made a profound impact again, this time on hundreds of students."

Nancy Gallini, Dean, Faculty of Arts, UBC

"Thank you so much for honouring Carleton University by accepting an honorary degree!  Thank you for the inspiring speech!  Your experiences and the wisdom you gained therefrom made us all wish to follow your example.

Roseann O'Reilly Runte, President, Carleton University

"Giselle Portenier is the boldest woman I know – in her journalism, her commitment to principle and her attitude to life.  She has been brave and cool under pressure in the field.  She has battled with broadcasting hierarchies to tell the most difficult and unfashionable stories.  All this - and more - comes through in what she has to say about the lessons of her life and career."
​Peter Gill, TV Executive Producer, Author and Journalist

"Every word you said was inspiring."

Carene Robertson, Globaltech

"INSPIRED...that is what was left after your moving speech. I wanted to go out there and create a Big

Bang...I needed to find someone to help."

Andre Lecler, Canadian Broadcasting Corporatioon

"Wow!  So inspiring, no matter how old you are!

Wonderful speech.  It was filled with wisdom, truth, passion and humour."

Genny Rose, HOK

"From the first conversations with you, the students have been thrilled with their choice....they are still on cloud nine...The talk you gave last Wednesday was inspiring, controversial and so heartfelt that we have received incredible, positive feedback from students, staff and faculty...the students were impressed with how obvious it was that you had really taken the time to prepare a talk just for them. One of the aspects that received a lot of praise from the audience was how genuine, frank, and funny you were.  They felt they got the "real deal" from you."

Allison Dunnet

Faculty of Arts, Student Development Officer, UBC

"You were inspiring, captivating, and absolutely wonderful at the podium. A toast to you."

Geoffrey Luk, student committee, "The Last Lecture" UBC